Top 8 Types of Marble to Consider for Your Home

The essence of marble is strikingly beautiful. It features an elegant presence and timeless charm. On top of that, using marble accentuates furniture and blends perfectly into almost any mood board. Its versatility and elegance make it a top favourite amongst interior designers and home decor enthusiasts!

Curious to learn more? Here are the top 8 types of marble to consider for your home!

Carrara Marble

Credit: Bhandari Marble Group

Carrara marble is a natural stone originating in the city of Carrara, Italy. It is grey-white in colour, with subtle grey veining. It is famously used to make sculptures and for decor purposes.

You can use carrara marble for the flooring all across your home and the walls of your bathroom. It is very durable in nature and significantly boosts the financial value of your property.

However, it may get difficult to maintain. This is because it is porous, allowing staining agents (such as juice and oil) to seep deep into the rock.

Nero Marquina

Credit: Tile Expert

Nero marquina, also known as nero marble, features an explosion of dark colour and incredible strength. It is a rich black marble originating in Markina, Spain, with distinctive white veining found throughout. As such, it is ideal for dark-themed spaces.

Its resilience and exceptional polished finish also make it a fantastic option. However, it can get pricey and is only a good option if you’re willing to invest.

Emperador Dark

Credit: Archiproducts

An alluring marble from Spain, emperador dark is dark brown in colour, complemented with white veins and crystals. It is resistant to stains, easy to manage, and convenient to clean. From your entryway all the way to your bathroom, emperador dark can enliven any room of your home.

Calacatta Viola

Credit: Marble Company

Captured from the quarries in Italy, calacatta viola is a gorgeous, purple-veined beauty that brings traditional European charm to your interior. Its vivid veining is ideal to form the focal point of any space — use it for your kitchen island and watch how!

Calacatta viola is a durable material, and with its contrasting appeal, it has a regal presence wherever you use it.

Breccia Marble

Credit: Artistic Tile

Breccia marble is quarried in Breccia, Italy. Its physical appearance features a beautiful contrast between white, grey, and brown. Part of its appearance owes to its composition of crystalline minerals.

You can use this in kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, flooring, fireplaces and even specific accent walls. However, breccia marble is a luxurious option and can be expensive to use.

Super White

Credit: CDK Stone

Sourced in Brazil, super white marble is a dramatic white and grey beauty with sweeping veins. It has an elegant presence, blending in perfectly with minimalist settings. This type of natural stone is commonly used in interior design (after Carrara marble).

However, it can easily get stained because of its white colour, and would require frequent cleaning if you have children around.

Beige Marble

Credit: Architonic

Beige marble can range anywhere from light beige to dark brown — and its colour(s) is one reason why it instantly adds warmth to any interior. The marble originated in Verona, Italy.

Beige marble is one of the most frequently used options in interior design. This is because of its minimalist design that complements almost every interior. It is also a relatively affordable option when compared to high-end marbles.

Yellow Siena Marble