Practical Bathroom Accessories that can Double as Decor

Updated: Jun 7

Bathrooms are definitely one of the most functional rooms of the house, so it’s natural to put them at the end of the list when decorating your home. But remember — just because bathroom essentials need to be functional doesn’t mean they need to compromise on your overall aesthetic! With the right planning, you can utilise your bathroom accessories so they double as decor.

In this article, we’ve put together the top bathroom accessories that have a strong functional purpose whilst also contributing to the overall ambience — in other words, essentials that are important for both hygiene and happiness!

Unique Bath Mats

Bath mats are essential to any bathroom, and they serve as a great opportunity to double as decor. Whilst fabric bath mats are most popular, other materials are worth exploring to add more personality or style to your space!

Credit: Honey-Can-Do

For example, bamboo bath mats provide an elegant yet simple look. Their wood-like appearance helps add a touch of nature, whilst their toughness and durability mean you won’t have to replace them often. They provide an anti-slip surface after you shower and are water-resistant, meaning they won’t foster the growth of mould.

Credit: Home Ideas Mag

For those wine connoisseurs out there, you could opt for a bath mat made of wine corks. This is not only sustainable and a perfect example of upcycling, it will also make for a very unique addition and add dimension to your space. You can purchase one from a decor shop or have some fun and make one yourself if you’re into DIY!

Do Towels Right

Towels are the last thing one might consider for decor, but they can actually make a stunning addition to your bathroom when selected carefully and displayed right!

Credit: Zac Gudakov

When choosing colours, consider the base shade of your bathroom. For example, bright-coloured towels could add a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral-hued bathroom.

Credit: Dunelm

You can then hang the towels from a towel ladder or fold them fancily to display from a wall-mounted rack. If you’re using hand towels, roll them up to display in a tiered tray (paired with other accessories).

Credit: Habitat

For the guest bathroom, place rolled towels in a basket or shelf. Toss in some toiletries, such as a shampoo and facewash, for warmly welcoming your guests — even in the bathroom!

Credit: Carson Downing

Beautiful Skincare Products & Toiletries

Your skincare and beauty products can also serve as decor in the bathroom. The best-case scenario would be choosing a line of products that not only suits your skin but is also visually aesthetic.

For example, its various products could have the same colour but slightly different bodies. In the picture below, you can see a theme of white, gold, and black being followed for the beauty products plus the overall bathroom.

Credit: The Teacher Diva

If your favourite products come in not-so-pretty packaging, or don’t really match with one another, you can purchase new bottles (for example, a transparent container for handwash) and decant the products into the new (prettier) bottles — see our next tip for more on this.

There are also other ways of beautifully showcasing skincare products, such as displaying them in a tray or organising them into painted vintage jars.

Credit: Nikita by Niki

Thematic Soap Dispenser & Toothbrush Holder Set

A staple for every bathroom, matching soap dispenser and toothbrush holder sets have great potential to spruce up your bathroom. They’re a quick and inexpensive update, and importantly, they allow you to save when it comes to product (because let’s be honest — beautiful toiletry packaging often comes at a price), without compromising on the overall aesthetic of your space.

Credit: John Lewis