Easy-to-Grow Flowers for a Beautiful Summer Garden

Updated: Sep 16

HiiGuru - easily growing flowers for summer garden

Think you have a brown thumb yet yearning to adorn your garden with colourful flowers? We have your back with these easy-to-grow varieties for a spectacular summer garden!

Growing flowers is especially fruitful during the summer because the hot season is when gardens hit their stride. Long summer days full of direct sunlight — coupled with drizzles of water — result in rapid growth and an explosion of colour.

So, let’s get started and name the top easy-to-grow flowers for a beautiful summer garden!


HiiGuru - Canna flowers in your garden

Credit: Farmer Gracy

Cannas are stunning summer bulbs featuring paddle-shaped leaves. They come in red, orange, and yellow (sometimes even pink). They thrive in the heat of peak summer and contribute to a colourful, lively garden. Being a tropical plant, Cannas can grow in both containers and open landscapes.

Care requirements

Sunlight: 4 hours of direct sun

Fertiliser: Twice during the growing season

Water: Water every other day during peak summer


HiiGuru - salvia flower in your garden

Credit: Crocus

Salvias are aromatic beauties that attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, to your garden. They come in spikes of purple, white, or pink flowers and are tolerant of extreme heat and drought. Salvias belong to the mint family (which also contains thyme and basil).

Care requirements

Sunlight: 6 hours of direct sun, and can tolerate partial shade

Fertiliser: Not necessary

Water: 1 inch of water weekly


HiiGuru - Beautiful sunflowers in your garden

Sunflowers are a famous favourite — and the good part is, they’re easy to grow! Sunflowers are believed to be “happy” plants, so you can expect them to bring joy to your garden. Plus, they produce edible seeds and attract pest-patrolling birds to your garden.

Care requirements

Sunlight: 6 hours of sun daily

Fertiliser: Nitrogen-heavy fertiliser twice during the growing season

Water: 1 inch (or 2.5 cm) of water weekly


HiiGuru - Poppy flowers in your garden

Poppies are papery, tissue-like blossoms that come in warm, bright colours, including red, salmon, and pink. These flowers have medicinal and culinary value, and their seeds are used as flavourings for bread. If you aim for a summer garden full of poppies, begin planting them in spring.

Care requirements

Sunlight: At least 6 hours of direct sun

Fertiliser: A 10-10-10 fertiliser every two weeks

Water: Once every few days (when the soil feels dry)


Dahlias are gorgeous flowers that adorn gardens from midsummer to autumn. They grow well in containers and landscapes and love moist, moderate climates. Grow them around vegetable gardens to beautify your veggies!

Care requirements

Sunlight: 6 to 8 hours of direct sun

Fertiliser: 5-10-10 fertiliser every three to four weeks

Water: Once or twice a week, depending on how quickly the soil dries up


A hardy old-fashioned favourite, Marigold flowers thrive in hot, sunny days. They attract beneficial insects, keeping harmful pests away from your garden. Marigolds are companion plants to several vegetables, including potatoes and broccoli. They’re also edible — you can consume them raw or blanched!

Care requirements

Sunlight: Over 6 hours of full sun everyday

Fertiliser: Fertilise every four to six weeks