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Our Values

Learning is a lifelong process. We want to encourage it and celebrate it. In order to do this, we strive to build a positive, open, respectful and safe environment for Gurus & Learners alike.


Positivity is contagious. We hope that all interactions with HiiGuru leave you if not happy, at least in a better place than you were previously.


The best way to learn is to keep an open mind and listen actively. Learning is about collecting your dots, so that you can one day connect them.


Honesty without tact is cruelty. This doesn't mean we don't believe in having fun or having a sense of humour, but context is everything.


Both emotional and physical safety are basic foundations for learning. Our Gurus are highly trained to guide you in their area of expertise with physical safety as a prerequisite. Emotional safety is equally important: no question is a stupid question!

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